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We believe that a life well lived is one rich in meaning and purpose.

That what we do is more important than what we have.
Velocity Impact channels our technology, human experts, and our global membership community to help improve the lives of those less fortunate and preserve our planet.
“Velocity’s support has helped Action Against Hunger save the lives of malnourished children, provide access to clean water and help communities with sustainable solutions to hunger.”
Interview  |  Episode 01
Bristol to Beijing with Luke Grenfell Shaw
This Velocity Impact series follows a remarkable person on his journey from Bristol to Beijing. Occasionally in life we come across people who through their remarkable strength of character, through their indomitable example, demonstrate the power of the human spirit. Luke is such a person, which is why we were so keen to get behind him and his message.  His story is one of the triumph of unreasonable hope and will enrich and uplift all who hear it.
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